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Everyone knows that BlueHost is one of the top web hosting providers that have been in the business for almost two decades. Boasting 3,000+ servers with its own dedicated data center and more than 400 employees, BlueHost has the people and facilities available to provide the most reliable web hosting services around the globe. At the moment, BlueHost has the largest and most extensive client base maintaining more than 3,000,000 active domains.

Right now, the Bluehost offers the exclusive BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month discount deal that will make it possible for new customers the opportunity to enjoy reliable web hosting services without going overboard with their budget. When you avail the $3.49 Per Month hosting plan, you will still be able to make the most of the very same web hosting plan that is already inclusive of unrestricted monthly bandwidth and storage space with one free domain for life.

BlueHost Coupon Code 81% Savings

This hosting plan is also inclusive of other features like unlimited domains on a single account that will enable users to transfer their other web accounts to BlueHost for free. With this discount coupon for new customers, you can still enjoy the same hosting privileges given to those who are paying the full hosting price. Some of the added features include unlimited FTP account, add on domains, sub and parked domains, auto responders, POP 3 accounts, email alias and a whole lot more. On top of that, Bluehost you can also avail a free dedicated IP that comes with easy to use Site Builder for free and Private SSL once you subscribe for their hosting plans at $3.49 per month.

If you decide to apply for the BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month subscription option, what you will need to do is click on the link found on this website. Without the BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month, your subscription rate will be based upon the initial hosting value of $7.95 per month for a 1-year period or $6.95 for 2-year term. With the BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month, this is absolutely the cheapest price for a web hosting system that is recognized in the industry for providing an outstanding and dependable web hosting service.

The BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month promo deal can be availed in the course of the promo period. But should you miss to avail this promo, you will definitely have to pay the initial price of $7.95/month for 12-months or $6.95/month for 24-months. So if you would like to enjoy a great discount on your first hosting with Bluehost, subscribe and see what is in store for you. This is an exceptional discount offer that is ideal for first-timers looking for a trusted web hosting service known for having the most effective system with less downtime. Even professional webmasters can also make the most of this wonderful opportunity for a comprehensive web hosting service at half the original price compared to what other web hosting companies offer.

You are assured to enjoy quick set-up for free with anytime money back guarantee that only a few trusted web hosting providers offer. This also comes with no hidden charges even if you only avail the discount promo.

As pointed out earlier in this article, BlueHost makes sure that their clients will still be able to enjoy the same hosting features even they are using a BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month offering. BlueHost is trusted by millions of customers with its AVG support hold time which rated at not more than 30 sec and a solid track record.

There is a reason why Bluehost remains the leader when it comes to reliable and cost effective web hosting services. Not only do they provide fast and reliable service but they also have a team of professional customer support on standby to assist on all your queries. This may not seem much but in the world of web hosting, subscribing with a web host provider that provides you with the assistance you need is more than what money can buy. No matter how fast your hosting is when you cannot setup up your website, everything else is irrelevant. But with BlueHost, you are guaranteed 100% reliable customer support to help with your web hosting.

BlueHost Review And Bluehost Coupon $3.49 Per Month Hosting Deal

As one of the leaders in web hosting, Bluehost has carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of many individuals and businesses. It is a preferred choice for many because of its innovative periodical upgrades which are usually offered with zero additional charge. Featured among the top 20 largest web host companies, it hosts accumulatively, more than 1.9 million domains. Bluehost is owned by the Endurance International Group. Since its inception in 1996, the company has been providing unparalleled hosting services to its new and existing subscribers.

Bluehost Coupon $3.49 per month

Bluehost offers hosting services that are quite affordable. Besides their superb services and benefits, they have won the hearts of many with their price. Let’s face it, we all want to save up on cost in any way possible. If you consider their price still a bit above your budget, Bluehost may well be a step ahead of you on this one. They currently offer 81% OFF on their original price at $3.49. In addition to this discount, Bluehost also offers subscribers extra benefits. These benefits include an email, a free domain, and unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

For beginners, Bluehost offers a package with an inclusive unlimited FTP accounts, email alias, add-on domains, POP3 accounts, parked domains, and auto responders. Their Pro package come along with a free private SSL, SiteBuilder, free instant set up, as well as a dedicated IP address.

How does the Bluehost coupon work?

If you are quite familiar with Bluehost, you may already know they offer regular web host service for $7.95 per month in a 12-month period. A 24-month period attracts a cost of $6.95. By using the coupon code, you are guaranteed a full discount of 81% off the original price; same service quality is also guaranteed.

Bluehost Coupon $3.49 per month Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers great plans for both individuals and businesses. Its coupon covers some of these plans with the same benefits as promised in the original full price plans.

  • The reseller web hosting plans – This plan is listed among those benefiting from the $3.49 per month coupon. This is a great advantage for website resellers as they get 81% off their normal price with Bluehost. Bluehost reseller web hosting plan comprises of both sophisticated and basic tools. The most basic of these plans is the Sky Blue plan. This plan features 100GB storage space, unlimited email accounts, free domain, as well as 15Mbs bandwidth. This plan originally goes for $19.95 per month. You should probably have a smile on your face right now considering the difference in the prices. Bluehost coupon no doubt is a great relief to website resellers.
  • The Electric Blue Plan – in terms of upgrades, this is next to the Sky Blue Plan. It is also listed among the beneficiary of the Bluehost coupon 81% OFF offer. The Electric Blue plan has an original cost of $49.95 per month. Its features include a 250GB storage space, free domain, 25Mbps bandwidth, and an unlimited email account.
  • The True Blue Plan – This is Bluehost most sophisticated web hosting plan. It’s a favourite for big businesses and websites with lots of traffic. The plan has a full price value of $99.95 per month. With the Bluehost coupon, subscribers can get this plan at a very subsidized rate. The plan features 500GB storage space, 35Mbps bandwidth. Free domain, and unlimited email accounts.

Technical Advantages of Bluehost Coupon

As already stated, there are a lot of benefits that are featured in the $3.49 per month discount. One thing that subscribers are usually interested in is in the technical efficiency of the hosting provider. Let’s take a look at 3 major technical advantage of using Bluehost coupon

  • 24/7 customer support

Knowing you have the support of a highly qualified team of geeks gives a heightened relief. Bluehost takes it a little further by providing online customer support. These webmasters are at your beck and call whenever and wherever you want them. They accept your queries and walk you through, step-by-step in providing necessary solutions.

  • Efficient Backup

As a website owner, one of thing you look out for is to have a web hosting company that can guarantee you efficient backup. Bluehost has two secondary data centers that covers a floor space of more than 20, 000square feet space. With its multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections, UPS power, and a standby diesel generator, the company is well equipped to backup subscribers files and data in case of an emergency.

Reasons For Using BlueHost Coupon $2.95 Per Month

Reasons For Using BlueHost Coupon $2.95 Per Month

Even though the bluehost coupon $2.95 per month been mentioned over and over again, it is never been released. You should understand that the best bluehost coupon is the $3.95 per month offer. This happens to be the case for a number of factors. Among these factors are some of the coupons features, bonuses and facilities that are offered to bluehost clients. To support the claim that the best bluehost coupon is $3.95 per month, read all that it has to offer. These are all the requirements of a good hosting service.


The amount of space a hosting service provider offers at a quoted price is very important for whoever is going to use the service. There are a lot of factors which will determine the amount of space you will need for your hosting. If your website has a lot of graphics, video and some animations, you will require more space to sit on than if your website did not have them. If your hosting service provider is unable to provide your required space or some form of future upgrade, then he is only compounding your problems. You should be very careful with claims of unlimited space and go for providers that can offer you quick expandable disk space.


Transferring data from your website to users that use it efficiently whenever they surf your website critically requires bandwidth. Research and survey findings have shown that you have only about 15 seconds at most to capture the attention of your website’s visitor or he leaves. If the bandwidth of you hosting service provider is low then your site loads slowly. This is a sure way to lose website visitors and potential customers.


You do not want to build your website only to have it return ‘404 not found’ notices when it searched on major search engines. Sometimes the message is ‘not available’ that is returned by the search engine. If you host your site with a service provider that allows your site to be frequently down, then you will be losing you present customers, potential customers, associates and affiliates. This will further lead you to loss of credibility and revenue for your business. Ask questions about the uptime of hosting service providers you intend using before you subscribe. Ask their current clients about their service and dependability.

Supporting Features

You should make a special study of all the features that are supported by your hosting plan. If you are going to choose a site builder and will need to upload new pages maybe on a daily basis, then your hosting service provider must have the FTP feature. Make sure whoever the hosting service provider you are going to use has all the features you require. If your site is built using scripting, then it is only natural that your host must support the programming language you used.


There is a popular saying among internet marketers that the money is in the list. You cannot build an e-mail list if you do not have the e-mail list application on your website. Your e-mail affords you the opportunity to always be in touch with visitors to your website and potential customers. You need to analyze the e-mail services provided by your hosting service provider properly. It should include POP3 and IMAP4 features. It should also contain business mail and hosted exchange. The number of e-mail accounts you are given for your hosting plan also matters. Your hosting service provider, if they know what they are doing, should also have an inbuilt e-mail auto responder facility. You should also be given an e-mail hosting service by you hosting service provider. And the hosting service should offer more than ordinary webmail.

You have been reading all these features as those that the bluehost coupon $3.95 per month comes with. You read that, that is why it is the best bluehost coupon. Bluehost as a company introduced this to give every one of their customers the opportunity to make it online. As the best bluehost coupon $3.95 per month, they have put so many incentives into the pack that, if you will not make it in online business then the fault is no more theirs.

BlueHost Zen Cart

BlueHost Zen Cart Shopping Cart – Innovative Online Shopping Tool

BlueHost Zen Cart shopping cart is one of the best e-commerce packages you would enjoy when you sign up for BlueHost e-commerce web hosting. Shopping cart is a highly essential tool that classifies any website as an e-commerce site. Making multiple order and single payment for the entire order would have been frustrating and perhaps not feasible without shopping carts. There are lots of shopping carts programs out there, but some are exceptional in terms of features, and Zen Cart is one of those special online shopping carts you can find. It is popularly used by several e-stores. It is basically open source and user-friendly. Get the latest Bluehost coupon which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

A Quick Glance at What You Can do with BlueHost Zen-Cart Shopping Cart

Bluehost Zen Cart is one of the innovative e-commerce giants. Using this top-notch tool, shopping portal as well as shopping cart is created for a website that offers product/services. The program is written in PHP, it employs HTML components and stores information with MySQL as database.

One of the reasons for the popular use of Zen Cart is the ease of installation. Additionally, users find it so easy and adaptable to manage things from the back-end when Zen Cart is involved. Again, you can access the admin section of Zen Cart with ease, even if you have little knowledge of online interfaces. As a result, anyone can easily get a grasp of the system and commence usage as soon as possible. Other desirable elements of the program include proficiency in theme designing, template designing and more, thus making it a highly sought after e-commerce tool even at the global level.

So, Why Exactly Should You Go for BlueHost Zen-Cart?

Just like other range of powerful shopping carts offered by BlueHost, BlueHost Zen-Cart is the open source type and famous among e-store owners. The tool has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, yet offering one of the best solutions for e-commerce. Besides, the features of Zen Cart come in variety of options and very flexible as well.

Features of BlueHost Zen-Cart

Wide Range of Capabilities: looking for an online shopping cart with flexible options and features? Zen Cart promises to fulfill your expectations with its desirable flexible features. The program is compatible with multiple payment, tax options and shipping options. Additionally, you can set multilingual options as well as multiple currencies when using the BlueHost Zen Cart. The possibility of adding limitless number of products and placing each one in a proper category is also something to desire about Zen Cart shopping cart. Using this powerful e-commerce tool, you can also choose to include or remove prices when displaying products on your e-store.

Compatibility with SSL Certificates to Provide Maximum Security: security of your e-commerce website is highly essential and would be the major attraction of customers. No customer would want to risk their sensitive information such as credit card info to spies. Therefore, Bluehost Zen Cart ensures website security by employing all forms of SSL certificates. The security does not terminate with payment security, it extends to admin panel where a username and password are integrated in the course of installation.

Flexible Payment Features: when it comes to leveraging wide range of payment options, Zen Cart is one of the best tools to use. The flexible payment features facilitate individual prices setting, discounts provision for, quantity discounts, customer group discounts, global sale reductions and more options. You can easily integrate different payment options such as PayPal with Zen Cart. You can also use the tool to set prices to multiple currencies.

Innovative Tools for Customer Relations: we all know that excellent customer relationship is essential to attracting and sustaining quality customer base. Therefore, Bluehost Zen Cart has thoughtfully integrated excellent customer relation tools to enable the online merchant build and manage customer relationships more effectively. Thus, web masters can leverage Zen Cart tools to regularly send newsletters and other important product updates to customers. Online merchant can also provide gift certificates, send email confirmations and do much more with the innovative customer relations tools from Zen Cart.

Excellent Administration Tool: Zen Cart’s cPanel is fully functional and user-friendly. With this innovative control panel, you can manage products, customize templates, manage product listings and product reviews. You can also add advertising materials such as banners and much more.

Customizable Template System: the online merchants can easily customize the appearance of their e-shop using the Zen Cart customizable template system. Some of those flexible customizations you can apply on your e-store’s outlook include color alterations, integration or removal of side boxes, changing fonts and more. You don’t need PHP knowledge to use Bluehost Zen Cart templates since the feature is compatible with XHTML 1.0.

These BlueHost Zen Cart Shopping Cart features would guarantee rewarding online shopping experience to your customers and grant you greater flexibility in running your e-store.